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Fact Sheet


HOP till you DROP in the mystical sky kingdom of Sky Hop Saga!

Your Sky Hopper is an explorer and treasure hunter who finds himself in the strange and highly unstable world of Sky Hop. Help him get hopping and keep moving to stay alive!

Guide your Sky Hopper through levels and collect treasures – disguises cost money and friends around here only come at a price. Build new ground from artifacts you collect to progress to new levels.

Along the way, beware of fire breathing dragons, exploding goblins, venomous vipers and a legion of uncharted dangers. And whatever you do, plan your hops wisely or plummet to your death!

Sky Hop Saga has two game modes to suit your play style!

Challenge Mode is for the Endless Hopper lover who just has to prove that they're the best in the world! You have one life to hop as far as you can as you face an endless and increasingly difficult onslaught of foes!

Adventure Mode is for those who want the full Sky Hop Saga experience! You will face mighty bosses along your adventures, who if you defeat will reward you with massive amounts of coins AND a checkpoint to save your progress! Adventure Mode also features a retry feature to allow you to continue your adventures for a small price if you die.


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